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Digital Frequency Meter1

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Technical parameters
Measuring range: 30.00~99.99Hz
Accuracy rating:±0.5 % FS±1 digit.
Sampling rate: about 1 times/s.
Measuring display mode: RMS measurement, four-digit LED nixietube display.
Display resolution: Max. display resolution : 0.01Hz.
Input circuit consumption: <1VA
Auxiliary power supply: AC 220V,50/60Hz(Can customize other values).
Auxiliary supply consumption:< 3VA.
Additional functions
2-channels switch value output: Higher and lower limit alarm output by two groups of reply, contact rating
is AC250V/2A、DC30V/2A.
1-channels analog quantity outpu: can be set freely as DC 0~10mA、0~20mA or 4~20mA, accuracy rating is ±0.5 % FS,e l e c t r i c a l i s o l ation between the signal input and auxiliary power supply ,transmitting output load resistance:≤500Ω.
Communication interface:RS485 serial communication ,applying MODBUS_RTU communication protocol.

Model and dimension(unit :mm)

Terminal arrangement
Attention:If it is not the same with the wiring schema of diagram behind case,please accord to the one of diagram behind case.

Typical connection

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